Want clarify question asked yesterday, tongue rests on gum behind incisors but when swallowing it pushes forward and DOWNWARD on the gum behind incisors. Will this make the bone/ teeth grow downwards? If this not possible how can TADS shorten maxilla

2 questions. No, the tongue action you describe is perfectly normal. Aberrant tongue thrust can cause open bite, not closed bite. Additionally sometimes it is advisable to use Temporary Anchorage Devices as a source of anchorage to direct tooth movement. Please discuss your individual malocclusion with a fully qualified Orthodontist for information as to the best individualized treatment plan for you.
Clarification. Not likely that you will move the teeth with normal position and forces of your tongue. TADS will provide anchorage to put retracting pressure on front teeth to bring them in. They will not move the maxilla - it is done growing, but the bone around the teeth will move along with the teeth. See the Orthodontist for discussion of your specific presentation, needs, desires and possibilities.Good Luck.
Not medical proble. if difficulty in swallowing see MD. appears to be sign of anxiety. disregard and get busy with ur work, studies or hobbies and exercise.
Very unlikely. People with a tongue thrust habit may push their tongue forward against their upper and lower front teeth and spread the teeth apart but not down. Talk to your orthodontist about tongue function correction and habit appliance.
Tongue roll. in a normal swallow the tip of the tongue rests on the incisive papilla and rolls backwards, pressing upwards and laterally. In a tongue thrust the tongue presses on the tongue side of the front teeth and can cause them to flair and separate and the bone to move anteriorly and upward on top. Not sure what you mean by TADS. The orthodontic implants? Rules are different for implants, no PDL .
Tongue Thruster. Good day; You wish to alter habit of thrusting your tongue when swallowing. An removable appliance can be constructed to prevent your tongue from causing anterior tooth flaring. Possibly the appliance could upright these anterior teeth as the your thrusting habit is reduced.
Tongue thrust habit. An excessive tongue thrust habit can move teeth apart. Most people are in equilibrium with all of the muscles of the face, lips and tongue so,the teeth do not move. If you are concerned about your teeth moving the best thing to do is see an orthodontist for n evaluation.