I have had a very high sex drive lately and I don't knoe how to control it. My partner only has sex with me maybe once a week. What should I do?

I Make Me Happy! . At times, all partners get out of sync when it comes to sexual needs. It sounds like this is a good chance to learn to be self-sufficient ... to learn how to satisfy your own sexual needs. If you haven't many ways to do this, it gives you a chance to explore & learn about what makes your body happy. Your partner may enjoy sitting back & cheering you on. (You might enjoy this, too.)
See MD. There are many medical reasons for increased libido: mania, drugs (eg, cocaine), endocrine, puberty, some prescription medications (eg, testosterone). Since you say you're feeling out of control with a recent change in your sex drive, first see your PCP for exam/evaluation and guidance. Keep communication open with your partner. If all is normal, a mental health professional may help.
Talk with partner. Explain your needs and see if intercourse can be more frequent. Also practice some relaxation techniques.