Vagainal bleeding and pain in lower abdomen (im virgin)?

Vaginal bleeding. With the information given this may represent menstrual bleeding with ovarian cyst. You will need to give more information to make it possible to consider other possibilities. I f your condition is severe, please consult a Doctor. Good luck.
Your period, uti? Need more information. Is this occurring during or before you are due for your regular period, or are you late for your period? Despite defining yourself as a virgin, an ER doctor would do a pregnancy test because there are plenty of young women who don't understand the definition of virgin and ectopic pregnancy is extremely serious. If you are sure you still need to see a doc to determine cause.

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Lower abdominal pain daily for 3 months, abnormal vaginal bleed/dk brown discharge + small clots. Smear, bloods and transcaginal u/sound normal. Help?

What did your gyn. Say? I assume you cultures also to r/o infection, you will probably need a hysteroscopy with endometrial biopsy to r/o anything inside the uterus like endometritis, or polyps or fibroids and you will also prob need a laparoscopy to r/o conditions like endometriosis, please discuss the plan with your gyn as your work up should not be over until you can get a diagnosis.