Can a herniated L-5 with annular tear plus oa in the spine cause pain and spasm in calf muscle In the leg?

Possibly. If your disc rupture is compressing the S-1 nerve root, just below L-5, referred pain in both calf and foot might be experienced. If this is an underlying progression, your doctor needs to know so that preventative treatment can be started.
Yes. As you describe, either the inflammation of having that tear, or the pinching of a nerve can cause calf pain. Options are: medication, therapy, epidural injections, or surgery.

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Pain in my calf muscle, had a ultrasound neg. For PAD. I have herniated, and annular tear in L5 disc, osteoarthritis in lumbar. Is my back the cause?

TOO YOUNG FOR PAD. You are too young for PAD I will worry more about DVT. Specially if you have some swelling with the calf tenderness. It really depend on how where and when you are getting the pain walking? Standing? Is it aches or could it be muscle cramps how far you have to stop walking because of the pain does the pain goes away by stopping or you have to sit down to get relief yes your back could be the probl. Read more...