Is the Phillips or babyliss home laser hair removal useful or its just a waste of money and its better to go to a specialist center?

Probably waste. I haven't heard anything good about these systems. Go to a center with laser (not IPL) and ask about a package deal, ask for a discount. Make sure they are trained to use laser and use eye protection. If hair is a real problem and doesn't run in your family or is new for you, get a medical checkup of your hormones.

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Is epilight cheaper than laser hair removal? I was saving money for laser hair removal and almost have enough. By any chance is epilight cheaper? .

Cost is relative. To the number of sessions required for removal. Cheaper is not always better; so do your research. Epilight in some markets may be more expensive than laser hair removal, especially if it is less effective and requires more sessions. It's more about the operator than the machine, but there are machine differences as well. Direct comparison in your own area would be best before deciding. Read more...