Fissure in rectum bleeds every bowel movement w/ lots of pain. Taking 4 fiber caps + 2 stool softeners daily, but not helping. What else to do to heal?

Nuprecaunal. ovet the counter can help with pain. Also you should take a stool softener to assure you are not straining. (Docusate twicw a day.). Also you should drink 8-12 glasses of water a day and eat several servings of fiber (fruits, veggies, bran flakes). You should heal. See your friendly doctor for an exam to be sure you indeed have anal fissure. Happy healing and good luck. .
See a specialist. Anal fissure healing is often difficult or slow. It sounds like you're on the main things to try first, but more can be done. For example, Botox injection of the anal area sometimes is effective. (Yes, the same Botox you've heard about for cosmetic reasons.) Or maybe a minor surgical procedure. Ask your doctor for referral to a protologist (rectal care specialist) or colon and rectal surgeon.