Metastic colon cancer with liver mets. Bilirubin was 12, then went to 95 and now 85. Is it starting to drop again?

Very high. The difference between a bilirubin of 95 and 85 is not clinically meaningful. Be sure to follow up with your oncologist however, as the situation is complex. Hope this helps!
No. An elelvated bilirubin in metastatic colon cancer to liver is not good prognaostically A level of 95 dropping slightly to 85 would suggest that an obstructive process was causing the elevation. Whether chemo was employed would be questionable since a high bilirubin wound exclude use of chemo. Scans should reveal obstruction in main bile duct and allow a stent to control bile level.
Bilirubin levels. Well it seems to be trending down. Lab results in general can be variable....sometimes a little higher sometimes a little lower. A difference of 10 points would definitely be considered a real drop. Hang in there!