Would Nova Ring help with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder? A friend mine has horrible PMDD and says that is the only thing that has helped her? Tx.

In some women. There are many treatments for PMDD. Nuva Ring like oral contraceptives seems to make it better in 1/3 of women, worse in 1/3 of women, and doesn't change it in 1/3 of women. If your friend is in the 1/3 for whom it works, she should be very happy. Hope this helps.

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premenstrual dysphoric disorder, bi-polar. Periods bad. Tried all meds. Can't metabolize. Wants 2 try Nova Ring. It helped her friend. What your views?

More information. "Tried all meds" is unlikely to be true. More likely it's "fed up with trying meds," perhpas with reason. But which meds, at what doses, for what length of time? and what is meant by "can't metabolize"? This would be important information. Read more...