Penis itchying no bumps or rashes?

Itching penis. Pubic lice, folliculitis, viral infections such as genital herpes, fungal infections with candida, genital warts, scabies, allergic reactions and STDs all can cause itching. Itching can be the first sign of these problems. Watch closely for a rash, bumps or patchy area on your penis. If the symptom persists and or if a rash, bump or other lesion develops see your doctor.

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Penis itchying no bumps or rashes or any symptoms. It's been going on for a week

See remark. Apply a low steroid ointment (get it from a drug store) to area upon sleeping @ nite and after sower in A.M If it doen't give you relieve, see a doctor.

My scrotum and the area around my penis is itchy and has bump like rashes on it I am a virgin, what could it be? Sometimes it itches so bad

Yeast infection. You could have a yeast infection. Try to keep clean and dry, ear cotton underwear. Try some over the counter anti fungal cream. If no help see a doctor.

I had a rash show up on my penis it started out as small bumps but they popped and now the head of my penis has really dry skin it peels and its not itchy or anything

A. A rash on your penis definitely warrants medical investigation, meaning a trip to your doctor. You could be dealing with something as simple as an allergic reaction/dermatitis or something more worrisome like an std. Regardless I can't make a good guess without seeing the area in question. Also you may need testing depending on your doctor's diagnosis. Best of luck.

I have a red bump with a bit of yellow in center. It's like scales. Under the rim of my penis head. I have forskin so when I pull the skin back there is a little rash of where the bump lays when skin is not pulled back. It doesn't hurt but it is itchy so

Pimples in glands. Direct clinical examination is required. A red bump is an infection, ANT may be required. A plain pimple, is usually present in 10-20 % of the male population, sometimes 2-4 may be present. They require no treatment. Some patients however, may request therapy to alleviate anxiety or for aesthetic reasons. Ablation using carbon dioxide laser,

I use to have itchy clusters of bumps on my penis after masturbation. What is d cause and cure?

Skin reaction. Sounds like these are some type of local irritation which could have several causes. It is possible to get these types of lesions just from the rubbing and physical trauma to the skin. In this case, extra water based lubricant would be the answer, and don't be as rough with yourself. If you are using lubricants, this could also be the cause - some of them have additives/chemicals that could cause.