When on the contraceptive pill and you start on the white sugar pills how long taking them will your period start?

Varies. Your period on pills starts because of the drop in hormonal levels. How long this takes varies from woman to woman and from pill to pill. It is usually pretty much the same from cycle to cycle for the same woman on the same pill unless she is sick or takes a new medicine. Hope this helps.

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I am on the contraceptive pill and it is my 4th day on the sugar pills and I have not got my period yet why? Could this be related to my brain injury?

Possible. If your brain injury has any effects on your pituitary gland that is possible. However, some women don't have a period on the pill and that is fine and healthy. Another consideration if sexually active is that you got pregnant. The pill is 97% effective, so 3% pregnancy rate even with perfect use. Read more...