Ultrasound transvaginal @ 5 wks 4 days saw heart beat at 115 bpm, dr wants to do a viability ultrasound at 8 weeks why if there was a heart beat?

Confirmation. Doesn't sound like anything to worry about...Typically we seen the heart rate at about 6 weeks. 115bpm is on the lower side of normal, but this isn't uncommon if it is right when the heart first starts beating. The doctor wants to give your baby a couple of weeks to ensure that the heart rate is normal. Likely if at the next sono the HR is around 160's, that is a great sign. Good luck!

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At what week after conception can u see a heart beat on a transvaginal ultrasound?

8 weeks. Usually on week 8, a transvaginal ultrasound can show the heartbeat and confirm that the embryo is in the uterus.
Depends. The answer depends on the type of ultrasound equipment used and the skill of the technician. In some a heartbeat can be seen as early as 5 1/2 weeks. For others it takes a little bit longer.

At 34, 346 hog blood level could a heart beat be heard transvaginal ultrasound?

Yes. If your HCG level is 34, 346, then typically yes. Heartbeats typically occur somewhere between 11, 000 - 36, 000. Hope that helps you! Maybe you need another ultrasound? Or another blood test in 48 hours?
Can't tell. It is not possible to determine age of pregnancy by a single HCG measurement and therefore cannot tell if heart beat would be audible.