Do myocardial infarction happen at my age? I'm 23 my BMI is 30 and I don't work out and I sit a lot, my resting heart rate is great tho 50/55 bpm.

Too young. Though it is possible to have a heart attack (or sudden cardiac death) at any age, the odds at age 23 are overwhelmingly in ur favor. Myocardial infarction is more common as one ages. Family history & lifestyle also play a role so it's not too early to think about ur heart health. A slow resting heart rate (associated w/ exercise) is a good sign. Thanks 4 ur question & using HealthTap.
Very rare. And when it does, its usually related to exceptional family history of early heart disease or in patients with drug abuse like cocaine. But your elevated BMI and lacknof physical activity are risk factors for vascular disease in the future, so try to do your best to work on these issues.
Heart attack. if you want to decrease your risk, get on a Mediterranean diet and exercise program and see your doc to take care of treatable risk factors, don 't smoke and good luck for a healthy future.

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What are early signs or symptoms of myocardial infarction? Rapid respiration and heart rate?

Variable. These may include: pain, pressure or a tightness in the chest with or without radiation to arm or jaw. Others include shortness of breath, sweats, fatigue, nausea and or vomiting, fast heart rate . Anxiety and a feeling of impending doom to list a few. Read more...

Resting heart rate as a young man was 50-55. Doctors are considering a pace maker 2 years post heart attack?

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Ok. Your youth and cardiovascular conditioning are of historic interest. If you now have symptomatic slow pulse= bradycardia, syncope, heart failure etc. One may benefit from pacing. After a heart attack the electrical system of the heart can be damaged and one benefits from proper atrioventricular pacing or even dual pacing for chf. Read more...