How do I get over my phobia of doctors? Everytime I go, I start crying for no reason and get horrible anxiety to the point of puking

Exposure therapy. Consider visiting a friend in the hospital. If that goes well, you might even think about volunteering at a hospital, clinic, or heath screening event. Once you realize that physicians are just regular people, you will get more comfortable interacting with them concerning your own health care.
Phobia of Doctors. Is it possible u r afraid of injection? I know that some parents used to tell their children when they misbehave, we will take u to the doctor to give an injection..., exposure therapy is good and cognitive therapy is good also.
Act brave. Common & understandable. To help, we must be intrusive and make you vulnerable. Rough on anyone. "to be brave, act brave." "fake it 'till you make it." you have at least a few friends you can talk candidly to about this, or find a cheap pastor or counselor who's actually wise. Bring that person along during the physician visit when you expect to lose control. Search "iatrophobia".