I get migraines every single night and my dr wont give me meds for them. How can I treat them at home?

Not Migraines. Bad headaches are not migraines. Migraines are episodic and rarely felt even weekly, nevermind daily. These chronic daily ha are usually from a different trigger. Migraine medicines will usually do nothing for these pain patterns. You need to be evaluated to try to see if your problem is coming from the neck (85% of all ha come from neck), muscle tension, sinus dz, or other problems that need tx.
Migraine or not. There are over the counter remedies that do work. Do make certain that the headaches are accurately diagnosed first. Certain foods, lack of resorative sleep, medications - including rebound from them, lack of hydration, and stress can trigger them. Typically migraines include a preceding aura, the pain is throbbing, often with sensitivity to noise and light. Family history can be confirmatory.
Not always migraine. It is unlikely that one get a "real" migraine every night. I too would question the diagnosis.