Abdominal ultrasound showed slightly heterogeneous echotexture on left kidney. What does this mean???

Need a bit more. ultrasound looks at the density of the kidney. Am assuming that the density is abnormal. It may not mean much and could be an over read. Have you had past kidney infection or kidney stone causing obstruction. Why was the ultrasound done ? Best of luck, how this helps .
Speckles... dubious. Echotexture refers to how "Grainy" or how many "speckles" are seen in the pictures. Slight heterogeneity is probably an artifact (using gel with bubbles, or abdominal gas can cause extra graininess) but could point to a process infiltrating the kidney. Talk to your PRIMARY doctor about ur symptoms & condition to see if there is a correlation. Most likely, again, it's an artifact & not to worry.