I was fused L3-S1 12/14. I am 29. Only bone growth on ct scan was bone spur @ S1/S2. Is this significant? Could it be causing pain back leg & ankle?

Nerve disorders. Any kind of nerve impingement/encroachment by bones or arthritic changes around the Lumbo-Sacral nerve plexus (Lower Lumbar spine and Sacrum) might cause pain down into the legs, ankles and feet. You can have your nerves tested through and EMG/NCV study by a neurologist. A Podiatrist or your primary care physician can refer you to a physician to have these tests performed.

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Ct scan shows mild right side l5/s1 arthropathy with a bone spur. It pops while raising left leg. Why is this?

Not correct. Right l5s1 arthropathy doesn't cause popping, which emanates fr. Subluxing same sided scroiliac joint ( sij), which does "pop". Reason right sij pops is inherently loose ligaments, which allow counternutation of right sij when stable contralateral hemi-pelvis, w. Non-mobile sij, torques en block; from a moment of force imposed upon the left hemi-pelvis by an elevated ; extended left leg. Read more...