Doc prescribed me CYTOTEC (misoprostol) and METVELL for my miscarriage (7weeks). 6days bleed. Now my bleeding has stopped. Can I stop take the medicines? Pls answer

Use as directed. We can not advise someone to go against their own doctors recommendations. Contact the prescribing doctor to clarify the directions for use of the particular medication regimen that you were given.

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I recently had a missed miscarriage that required three rounds of cytotec (misoprostol). Bleeding stopped after two weeks and began passim more tissue. Normal?

Miscarriage . At this time you should have a quant. Hcg and an ultrasound. The HCG will indicate if embryonic tissue is still present. You may have a molar pregnancy. This a tumor like problem that occurs with the placental tissue. Also, these symptoms/signs could be a normal variant . Read more...