1. Moderate degenerative disc disease L4-L5 unfavorably progressed since prior exam. 2. Interval development of a small posterior left paracentral dis?

This means that- -compared 2 earlier images there has been progression of the prior degenerative changes also since then a small L disk protrusion is present. As long as there is no leg pain this may just be an incidental finding that goes along with progression. @ Ur young age U need take care of Ur back. NSAIDS, activity modification, & avoid sports that R high impact. Don't put Ur [email protected] @ fisk.

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I have degenerative disc disease (L4, L5) at a younger age. Are people like me still walking and functional when older (50s)? Would I need surgery later?

Of course. You can be healthy and functional. You need to be proactive and take care of yourself. Good nutrition, keep the weight off, good body mechanics, keep exercising, especially back strengthening and core. There is no reason that you can't be physically active and healthy long long long into the future! Good luck. Read more...

20 y/o female with compression Fx at T11 & degenerative disc disease between C5-C6 & L4-L5. MRI & DEXA just ordered. Ideas on what could cause this?

Compression fracture. 20 y/o is too young to osteoporosis but some conditions may lead to early one such as cystic fibrosis. Trauma is by far the leading cause for such things then if a pathological fracture is suspected, diseases that involve bone need to be ruled out (infections, tumors...). Further history can probably narrow down the differential. Read more...