I have 13 drops of bright red blood after bowel movements.

Red blood on stool. Almost always either hemorrhoids or an anal tear from constipation. If it does not stop in a few days, consider visiting your PCP.

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What could bright red blood after a bowel movement be? This happens once every few months. I have had history of hemmroids

Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a common cause of rectal bleeding. Have you had a doctor perform an examination to identify hemorrhoids and rule out other possibilities?
Most likely. Hemorrhoids, but this is as a result of intermittent diarrhea or constipation/hard stools. Depending on your age and family/personal history a colonoscopy may be appropriate, discuss with your doctor.

I have experienced pain during bowel movements for more than 3 months. Always bright red blood after. The pain has decreased overtime, but uncomfortable?

Might be as. Simple as internal hemorrhoids or a fissure in ano but.... I would have it looked at by a gastroenterologist.
Rectal bleeding. Bright red blood after a bowel movement is not normal and needs to be checked out. Possible causes include hemorrhoids, fissure, polyps, diverticular disease and cancer. Your doctor can help sort this out.

What must I do about bright red blood from a bowel movement?

Needs evaluation. Blood in stool, regardless of age of the sufferer, is never normal. As such, and although the cause is likely easily explained (e.g. Hemorrhoids, anal fissure), it must be evaluated so serious pathology is not missed or diagnosis delayed.

I have bright red blood and after bowel movement there is pain?

Could be. Anal fissure or hemorrhoid. Try warm bath soaks, drink plenty of liquids, add fiber to diet like metamucil, avoid constipation and straining. See a doctor soon if the problem persists.

What are the causes of bright red blood when im wiping after I have a bowel movement?

Uncertain. Possible causes include internal or external hemorrhoids, fistula, fissure, constipation, infection or inflammation of GI tract. Please have this medically evaluated.

When I have a bowel movement, there is bright red blood in with it, is it maybe what I am eating?

Maybe. If you have constipation and straining to have a bowel movements, you could have hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Need to drink more liquids, eat more high fiber foods, add extra fiber in the diet like metamucil, avoid low fiber junk food. See a doctor for an examination to be sure the bleeding is not from something more serious.

38 f. Bowel movement with bright red blood. Seemed like it was from a hemmoroid. My area hurt all day yesterday. What should I do?

Get checked. Rectal bleeding should never be assumed to be something. There is nobody that deserves less than the best treatment. This starts with a proper diagnosis.
Don't worry! Your symptoms are quite likely from a small irritated hemorrhoid or perhaps an anal fissure, both of which should respond to soothing cream/suppositories, sitz baths and stool softeners to not further irritate the area. If it persists, worsens, get help and see your doc for a quick peek, reassurance and better options.

I am having bright red blood in the toilet after a bowel movement. Do I need to go to the e r? I feel like I am going but when done there's nothing but bright red blood in the water and after wiping

Yes.. Yes. You need to see a doctor for this right away. It may be something as simple as hemorrhoids, but it could also be much more serious. Bleeding like you've described could represent infection, inflammation, a vascular malformation, or a tumor. Though it often stops on its own, bleeding from the bowel can sometimes become very severe and can even be life threatening. If it does stop, that does not mean that the underlying problem is gone, so you should see a doctor even if this goes away by itself.