When should I start walking after fifth toe displaced fracture? Ten days and still hurts when I lower my foot. New bruises also sprang up in foot

Maybe a second look. I would think that ten days is enough time to allow you to walk with some mild to moderate pain. Since you are seeing new bruising something else should be considered. While enjoying the toe fracture, did you fracture something else that is now affecting you recovery. You need to get the foot x-rayed and check for other fractures. Nsaids should take the edge off and perhaps an accommodating shoe.
Follow up. I would make sure you have follow up for the fracture, particularly if it is displaced to ensure it heals in proper position. Fractures can bleed and can therefore can bruising that extends to other parts of the foot. The fracture itself often takes 6/8 weeks to heal, although the pain and swelling usually improves over 2-4 weeks. A shoe with a wide forefoot or even a sandal can be worn.