Sudden loss of consciousness and pulse. Almost no blood pressure. Blurred vision, slurred speech. Healthy except slightly high normal blood pressure.?

Syncopal episode. You need some work up to find the cause. Go to an urgent care or ER if you can not get a hold of your doctor by phone. The treatment is according to the cause. Check this link.
Near syncope . see a doctor and be evaluated. Lots of possibilities some very worrisome. .

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Several times this month a feeling of blacking out while sitting, less visual clarity with this but not blurry vision. Normal blood pressure. I am 61.

Needs f/u. See your physician as the differential is broad and some potential causes serious while others less so & treatable. Read more...
Vision changes. You are experiencing episodes of transient vision loss which can be from many different causes. In patients with recurrent episodes, a carotid ultrasound test and echocardiogram are recommended to rule out issues with the vessels in your neck and heart. I would also recommend a complete eye exam to rule out other ocular pathology. Read more...