I have a uti and a yeast infection taking macrobid for uti and 2 yeast pills took them both for the first time yesterday it's still burning and itchy?

It takes a few days. It takes a couple of days for yeast symptoms (vaginal area itching, burning, redness) to start to improve and up to 5-7 days to clear up completely. UTI symptoms (urinary urgency, frequency, etc) often start to improve sooner, often within 1-2 days. Call the doctor who prescribed these treatments if your UTI symptoms still are there at 2 days, or 1 week for yeast symptoms.

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I already took a test for yeast infection it says no, the same with UTI. So what could it be? No odor, just itchy all over and shallow inside

Here are some ... Have gyn-doc take a look at the sites with itch. Before you go, collect the info on the onset, degree, duration, interval, progress, other associated Sx, etc. over time and bring those to Doc for analysis, physicals, & possible tests so to deduce the possible Dx for reasonable Rx. Best wish ... Read more...