How can I gain weight I'm 22 5"10 weight is 120 trying to be 130-135.

Calorie dense foods. You should try to aim for at least 130-135 as you wrote, as this will put you within the normal range of body mass index (BMI). Its easier to get your calories in liquid form, so try to supplement with calorie dense smoothies. (adding nut butters, avocados for example). Healthy snacking between meals may help as well. If continued failure to gain weight, consider getting thyroid check.
Eat,and eat, and eat. you want to gain weight eat, make sure that you do not have a condition that will cause a high metabolism. eat more calories than you burn. you want to gain muscle then exercise the muscles area that you want the gain to take place. you can take a supplemental protein can like ensure mixed it up with two scoop of your favorites ice cream. you consumes 1000 calories. do it 2-3 times a day. VOILA.