Remedies for treating acne, pimples or zits?

Acne treatment no Rx. Acne can be prevented or minimized by using a gentle cleanser twice daily, over the counter benzoyl peroxide, hydroxy acids or salicylic acid products followed by a noncomedogenic moisturizer such as Cetaphil, Ceravue or similar. If these regimes are not resulting in improvement after 4-8 weeks, consultation with a dermatologist may be in order.

Related Questions

Is Accutane recommended for acne treatment?

For severe cases. Accutane is a very strong but very effective drug for acne. It has potential serious side effects and requires close monitoring. That said, I know multiple patients who have had phenomenal improvements with Accutane that say they would do the treatment over. I recommend you see a local dermatologist for a consultation and more information.

Is it supposed to get worst before it gets better while on Accutane for acne treatment? If yes why is it?

Acne. With most acne meds, you will get a little worse before it gets better. Along with the pimples on the surface of your skin, there are others developing deeper in your pores. The meds may bring those forward, so you will initially see more pimples, then as they resolve, you will see fewer of them.

Does accutane acne treatment cause a lot of side effect?

Yes. And you can easily find them online or on the package insert. Always do that homework before starting any new drug please.

Do you thik Accutane is a good treatment for the acne in the chest and the back?

Yes but only if. . . Only if you're willing to tolerate side effects and very strict requirements for taking it. Remember that Isotretinoin is associated w/birth defects. That's why you need to promise to use 2 forms of birth control regularly. If you can't, then it's not worth risk of delivering baby w/physical deformities. Discuss your options w/your dermatologist. Only you can decide if it's appropriate for u.

Whit is the cumulative dose should I take from net look or Accutane and concentration 40mg for 6months is enough for completely treatment of acne??

Treat until better. Accutane is extraordinarily potent and is a very potent teratogen (causes birth defects) even after you are not taking it!! Try NOT to get pregnant for at least several months after you stop taking it because it is stored in your body fat. Try using it for as short a time as you can.

Is it possible to get rid of acne with just one month of treatment with Accutane 10mgs? I've been taking it for a month but i'd rather stop. Should i?

Dose too low. For it to work you need to take an adequate dose 1 mg per kilo of. Weight. Ideally a 132 lb person. Should be on 60 mg. The minimum dose is a half a mg per kilo or 30 mg for 132 lb. This shoul be for. 15-20 weeks. If you need the Accutane because nothing else worked stick with it and get the benefit. Discuss this with your dermatologist.

I have been taking isotreitoine (accutane) for about 7 years. Starting the treatment but leaving it when acne stops. What is the main problem of that?

Return of acne. The biggest problem would just be that the acne would probably return eventually. Once you get it clear, you might try switching to something else, like a topical cream/gel/face wash, etc. To see if that keeps it away.

I am 25 years old male, and my dermatologist recommends taking Accutane for acne treatment. Should I ask my wife to contracept?

No. Accutane is dangerous for a pregnant woman only. Cases of men on this med who fathered a child showed no increase in birth defects.