Dear sir, I'm hypothyroid. T4 is not working on me even with high dose. Does it possible for me to take T3 (liothyronine). I'm brain fog, tired, less memory?

Hypothyroid. Very uncommon not to respond to T4. You MUST bring this to the attention of your doctor and do not wait too long! Your symptoms may not be thyroid related but you need to find out.

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I have hypothyroidism but im tired all the time and im cold alot what can I do I have normal blood levels and take levothyroxine for it T3 (liothyronine) T4 TSH ok?

Tired and cold. It is most likely you have not been given enough thyroid medication. If you are sure that your thyroid blood levels are OK - (how long since they were last measured?) - please see your doctor to work out why you are tired and cold. Thyroid labs should be measured every 3-6 months. Read more...