I have a concussion. Have severe headaches. Dr gave prednisone. Still have severe headaches.

Several types. There are several types of headaches that occur after concussion. Trauma triggered migraine, Occipital neuralgia, pain at the site of blow to the head, post traumatic poorly localized headache. Ask your prescriber about type of headache and alternative treatments, including amitriptyline, Topamax (topiramate) or local treatment at site of headache.
Other options. If you're suffering from postconcussive syndrome (PCS) or post-traumatic headaches which are generally migraines or migrainous at the very least then, I would recommend more specific medication for either migraines or what is considered to be one of the first line prophylactic PCS drugs which is Depakote. Wanna chat? www.healthtap.com/drsaghafi Key Code: PDXFNR.