What percentage of extensive calcified lymph nodes in pulmonary hila, combined with bright red blood in sputum are cancerous in nature?

Very low. Cancerous nodes very seldom calcify much. In my old home in Kansas City, many (maybe most) folks had some calcium flecks from old histoplasmosis. I'm very concerned though if you're coughing up blood. That's cancer until proved otherwise, and you're entitled to have calcified nodes from some other cause. Please get it properly worked up. Best wishes.

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I have just had a CT scan for, routine cancer check up, was clear. My oncologist said I have calcified lymph nodes in my neck, but not worried. What?

Common. Lymph nodes will frequently calcify as a result of various prior infections and are of no particular concern. Ct is very sensitive to such calcifications and may show them when plain x-rays will not. Read more...

My CT results stares that I have calcified lymph nodes present within the mediastinum and right b hilum what does this mean?

It is usually a sign. of prior inflammation. There are a variety of causes...histoplasmosis, TB, and other infectious agents. Also, treated lymphoma, sarcoidosis, and silicosis. There may be no identifiable cause, and it is just an incidental finding. Talk to your doctor about what it might mean in your case. Read more...