Can I get transvaginal ultrasound on my period?

Depends on what you. Are having the study for. Most of the time we prefer to wait until mid cycle so we get the best images with little interference from the extra material present.

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My doc had me get a transvaginal ultrasound for pelvic pain, the tech asked me when the 1st day of my last period was, why did she ask?

Informational. You can actually see the lining of the uterus (womb) on ultrasound so knowing where you are in your cycle helps to know what they should expect to see.
Multiple reasons. 1) to know if you could be pregnant 2) to know if you might still be bleeding 3) to be able to assess the thickness of your endometrium.

No period for 8months went to doc did a transvaginal ultrasound results normal. They said I had eggs is there any chance I could get preg really fast?

Yes and no. Not having a period for 8 months isn't normal at age 21. I would worry that you have undiagnosed PCOS. Having said that, it's possible that you can get pregnant at any time, given that your cycle isn't regular, you might release an egg before you have a period. Anovulation is one of the hallmarks of PCOS, excess or unwanted hair is another. Have doc test your thyroid, and prolactin as well.

Gynecology question: What are the benefits of having transvaginal ultrasound during heavy period, as compared to without period?

Questionable/unclear. The discomfort and inconvenience to you as well as the possibility of "confusing artifacts" for the sonographer, created by the presence of blood and menstrual material in your cervix and endometrium would seem to outweigh any potential benefit of "having a transvaginal ultrasound during heavy period". Asking your doctor directly for a rationale should help answer your concern.

I had a transvaginal ultrasound on Thursday sep 9 and it said I was 5 weeks are they accurate my last period was August 28 did I conceive around sep18?

Dates right? I'm assuming you had your U/S Oct 9, not Sept 9. If your LMP was 8/28, you would have conceived around Sept 11 and would be around 6 weeks Oct 9. Ultrasound at 5 weeks is not that accurate because frequently dating is based on a measurement of the gestational sac. 7-9 weeks uses a crown-rump measurement and is much more accurate. Best wishes!

I had sex last thursday during my fertile period, can I check a week after through transvaginal ultrasound that I conceived?

No. It is too early to see anything on the ultrasound that would detect pregnancy. We cannot see the pregnancy until about 5 weeks or 3 weeks after conception.

Iwent tothe doctor on september24 had a transvaginal ultrasound done. They determined I was9w4d. So about a 10-11w gestational period. How off can thy b?

Margin of error. There is a margin or error on ultrasound dating: http://www. Medscape. Com/viewarticle/703501_3.
+/- about 7 days. An ultrasound at 9 weeks 4 days is generally going to be accurate to within about 7 days. So that person should be between 8 weeks 4 days and 10 weeks 4 days.