Sore throat spiting up blood?

>1 wk seek help. If this persists for more than one week unchanged, a visit to your primary care physician is indicated, as we want to be sure there isn't a tumor. We all go through several days of this when we recover from some of the nastier colds.
See a doctor. Two most likely diagnoses: infection or cancer. See an ENT and get checked out. They may have to look down your throat with a flexible scope. Not as bad as it sounds.

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Sore throat since 2-3 days no fever or no cold but little bit of blood in spit 2 times. Is this anything to worry about?

Dr. Can check throat. New throat pain can be from a strep throat infection (antibiotics are needed), a cold or influenza (antibiotics usually not used), or from some other cause such as allergies or irritants. Usually, a person sees the doctor if the sore throat is bothersome, recurrent, or doesn't go away quickly (mainly to check for strep throat). A couple days of throat lozenges and tylenol (acetaminophen) can decrease throat pain.

I have been spitting out phlegm with blood on it since fews days back. The blood is only come out if I spit out mucus from my sore throat.

U need to b checked. For strep throat, which requires proper antibiotics for cure. Left untreated, one can have serious, long term adverse effects. Go c ur doc.☺️.

Sore throat for 3 days. Tonsils red/swollen. Just Spit up (did not cough) quarter size fleshy white mass covered in blood. Bumpy texture. No odor.

Tonsilitis. Without being able to see this it makes it very difficult to comment on. Any time, however, that you are having bleeding from an infected site it strongly suggests a need for professional assessment. See your family doctor or an ENT specialist and get examined. Best wishes.

I'm 22 and occasionally taste and spit out a very small amount of blood. I have no sore throat or fever. I feel fine, but my oral hygeine is not good and I have a yellow spoton my tonsil and a white particle deep inside crupt ii. I only spit out blood ver

Oral hygiene. Start figuring this out by using excellent oral hygiene for 2 weeks and see how this affects the bleeding. If it stops, there's your answer. If not, see a dentist or physician to evaluate your mouth and tonsils. Research is suggesting that there my be significant health benefits from practicing good oral hygiene.
Bleeding not healthy. Bleeding gums are a sign of unhealthy gums. You need to see your dentist soon. Until then, start a regular habit of brushing at the gum line and flossing.
See your dentist. When your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy they shouldn't bleed unless you injure them. If your hand bled when you used it to write with I think you would be very concerned. I would get in with your dentist. Get a thorough gum and teeth cleaning. Let the dental staff help locate where the bleeding is coming from. Clean your teeth very precisely and thoroughly twice a day.

Sir I have sore throat and this morning after sneezing I spit up I saw blood from my mouth. Saliva contains blood? What is this?

See a dentist. Gum disease, gingivitis, and pathology within the mouth has to first be ruled out before the neighboring anatomical cavities are investigated. Call your dentist.
Many possibilities. Please see your Primary Care Physician. There can be many causes for this ranging from transient to quite serious. Please schedule an examination.
Vague. Hard to say without a thorough history and examination. Get to a Doctor asap.

Got Sore Throat due to change in weather 4 days back. No fever, No running nose. Sore Throat improves but from Last 2 days having little blood in Spit?

SoarThroat aResponse. To a combination of issues; weather unlikely a significant issue, more likely a diversion of attention from more powerful internal issues controlling throat cells, tissues, muscles, immune system, etc.; all controlled from mind/brain. Blood in saliva is c/w enough tissue irritation/damage sufficient to break some capillaries, thus bleeding. Fragile throat tissues bleed from repeated coughing, etc.