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I have a hard lump on the front middle of my tibia I discovered it three weeks ago. I have also been feeling run down and have had several headaches. I have tried ice and heat packs along with massage but nothing has worked. There has been slight growth o

Though. Though more common on fleshy parts of the body, lumps and bumps always create questions and concern among patients. This is especially true when in proximity to a large bone like the tibia. Since it's something that was discovered just three weeks ago, there's likely some associated anxiety on your end. Though the lump is described as being hard, does it hurt? Is the pain the same all of the time, or with specific activities? Is there night pain? Was there any history of trauma? The fact that you are having constitutional symptoms that include feeling run down and headaches, it would be a good thing to see your primary care physician for a basic check-up and some lab tests. Your doctor will start with a basic history & physical, as well as evaluating the lump for swelling, redness & discharge. Additionally, lab tests will include a CBC with differential, chem-20 panel and possible sedimentation rate. X-rays will likely be taken at this visit. Having this information will allow for a differential of possible things causing the bump (tumor) and related symptoms. It's important to understand that a bump (tumor) can be caused by trauma, infection, non-malignant & malignant processes. Because of this, be systematic in working with your physicians to determining the proper diagnosis. It will relieve your anxiety and help in getting the appropriate referral and treatment as soon as possible.
Exam by md. Get to your family physician and have an exam to diagnose the cause of all your symptoms.