I sit on my feet a lot with knees bent under me. Can this cause blood clot in leg?

Technically. It can. The same way if you bend a hose the water won't come out. I recently had a patient who used a knee scooter, after the second day she complained of pain and after an ultrasound she was positive for a clot. I would not recommend sitting like that for long periods of time.

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This 3 months I got gout and blood clots on my feet and knee. What do I have to take care my self? I didnt have any blood problems and I'm not obesity

Avoid gout provokers. Like beer and red meat and high purine foodslike seafood and yet have to eat modestly these thigns for they can be good. Blood cliots? Are you sure? Proven by doppler ultrasound? If so get a hypercoaguable lab panel you might have a gentic predisposiution to this, see hematologist. Take 81 mg aspirin daily to help avoid clots, don't sit too long, walk alot,

I had a knee scope about 10 days ago. Today my leg and calf swelled and I have pain in my foot and tingling in my toes. Could I have a blood clot?

Could be. It is imperative that you contact your doctor. If the doctor is not available you should go to the emergency department of a near by hospital. Wish you good health!

Do I have a blood clot in my leg? . It hurts to bend my knee or lean on it and my calf and foot ache. I can hear something crack when I flex it.

Probably not. Generally, clots occur because you have 1) a blood condition that promotes clotting or 2) you've been traveling or had a medical problem and were immobile for a long time. If your leg isn't swollen or red, it's probably not a clot. Leg pain can be due to many things. Clots don't make any noise. But if you're concerned see your doctor, who might order an ultrasound if indicated by your exam.