Is it safe to get all my vaccinations again if I have no recorded shot records. And im unable to get any records of them?

Absolutely. Definitely better than taking the risk of being unprotected. I would only get antibody levels for diseases that I may already have had and therefore would need to get a vaccine ( i.e. Chickenpox) or under circumstances that you may not have protective antibody levels (i.e.- Hepatitis B)
Yes. However, you could get titers, which means they could measure your antibody levels for the different organisms in question to prove that you had the vaccine before and you are still protected. That may save you some shots.
Yes. There is a catch up schedule used in such cases that will exclude some vaccines for problems not seen after childhood. The vaccines themselves are safe when used as recommended. We do see an increase in transient joint pain for some adults with the MMR.
Repeating immunizati. There is no harm in repeating your shots, you will follow adult immunization schedule . But before you start call all the schools you have attended they must have it, if you had shots in the U.S. most of the states have immunization registary where all vaccines are recorded & only health care professionals & nurses have access to it, call your Dr & ask if your shots are in your state regstery.