What would make your bones ache and hurt and your elbows hurt and ache?

That's a mighty long. -list. any where from fractures, infections, sprains & strains. autoimmune diseases..........& it goes on & on. even after 5-7 years of orthopedic training, we still don't have all the answers. it would help to be more specific in Ur question.

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Is joint pain in elbow the same as elbow pain and bone pain? If so what is the difference?

See a doctor for dx. The elbow joint is where three long bones meet. There are many structures which may be the cause of elbow pain. Inflammation of a tendon is a common cause of elbow pain. The cartilage in the joint can also be inflamed. Other causes include bursitis, cellulitis, septic arthritis, a pinched nerve, osteochondritis dissecans, not to mentions sprains & strains. See your doctor for definitive diagnosis. Read more...

Extreme elbow pain when I extend and then bend it back No trauma to it or strain Did nothing physical to it. Hurts before bed also. Sharp and aching?

Elbow pain. Tough to say without an exam. See the Dr. and get a full history and Physical exam of the area. You may have an overuse injury, for example if you play tennis, or golf, or area cashier or do a lot of cleaning (using your arms) and are constantly active. Gout could be possible. With Extreme pain, Have it assessed to get a diagnosis. best wishes. Read more...