Hi I have had diarrhoea, lower back ache and fatigue for 5 weeks.

Too long to wait. Be examined ASAP! I hope you've managed to stay well-hydrated during this time, but you must be seen and treated for whatever the cause is. It is really important. Don't wait another day. I hope you are better soon. Best!
GI consultation. I suggest a GI consultation, blood and stool analysis - 5 weeks is too long for sustained diarrhea.

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Mass on lower rib, symptoms leg cramps, lower back ache, chest congestion and tiredness and fatigue. I have CP what cud this b?

What is CP. You certainly need to discuss this with your phyician . This group of signs and symptoms may have a very simple explanation. Also they may all not be related. I'm not certain what you mean by CP. Your physician should help clarify how much of each of these symptoms is been a related and what the cause maybe. Read more...