In 1997 I had an operation for rectal cancer. I had radiation and chemo. Now I have anal stenosis. What shall I do?

Medically or surgery. For mild anal stenosis, try conservative management with diet, fiber supplement and stool softeners. For moderate stenosis, consider anal dilation procedure or sphincterotomy. For severe one, surgical options with various anoplastic procedures have been shown optimal results.

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Stage 2/3 rectal cancer, 60-yr M patient, chemo+radiation, ok to have surgery to remove mass 2 weeks after treatment?

That depends. On your overall health and status post treatment. Often, the surgeon will request you to be medically cleared which needs to be done by your internist or PCP, and involves a Physical exam, and possible blood work with an EKG and Chest Xray to see if you are medically stable to undergo the operation. Best wishes. Read more...