Good morning my ultrasound says I have borderline liver enlargement ; liver texture normal and bile ducts not dilated. Is this something to worry?

It is a warning. A borderline liver enlargement without structural changes may be due to some fatty infiltration of he liver. which in a long term may be harmful.. What is your weight ? what is the fat content in your diet ? what is your lifestyle? what is your serum cholesterol? Those are the questions you should be answering with your doctor.

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I have borderline liver enlargement but bile ducts not dilated and liver texture is normal. What does it mean?

Usually nothing . I have lots of people in my office with that. They usually come to me with suspected gallbladder disease, and when I operate, the liver looks normal. If your liver lab tests are normal and you're not taking too much Tylenol (acetaminophen) or drinking too much alcohol, I wouldn't worry about it. Read more...