I had a thyroid panel test and my results are below. Should I be taking medication? TSH - 8.070 T4, Total - 5.4 T3 Uptake Ratio - 26 FreeThyroxine-1.4

Repeat test. Ideally, thyroid panel tests should be evaluated based on the reference range for the laboratory where the tests are performed. Most commonly, the reference range for TSH = 0.5 - 5.5. Although your TSH may be slightly high, you may not need treatment. Your total and free T4 are normal. Results such as these usually warrant retesting in 1-3 months. TSH will often return to normal without treatment.

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Tsh is. 77, T3 is 112, T3 uptake 29, T4 free 1.1, T4 total 8.5 and free T4 2.5. On 100mcg of synthroid (thyroxine). Nodules and goiter, still feeling bad, why?

Felling bad. Hi. There is a tendency among patients to blame every ailment on the poor little thyroid. Your thyroid labs are a little inconsistent - you say free T4 is both 1.1 and 2.5; did you mean one is a free thyroxine index? If indicated, has your nodule been needle biopsied? Otherwise, there are a bazillion things that can make you feel bad with normal thyroid function. Read more...

Do these thyroid lab results indicate a problem? TSH 1.307 T4 12.5 T3 Uptake 19 Free Throxide Index 2.3

Great name Graves! Overactive thyroid disease is called Graves Disease. We need to know the normal limits of the lab that you were using but for the most part these tests may be fine although the T4 may be a little high but I need to know the range for your lab. Are you really name Graves? Read more...