Recurring white bump, side of tongue. Comes every cpl wks. Looks like whitehead, scrapes my teeth, goes away in ~3 days. Pulled the head off=bleeding?

White bump. Sounds like it could be an Apthous ulcrr. However I would definitely have it checked by your dentist when it is acute not after its healed. That would give him the best information to make a proper diagnosis.
Minor Salivary gland. Or possibly inflammed taste bud. If it removes easily and bleeds probably the latter...taste bud. No worries :)
Inflamed taste bud. A white bump and not an area of leukoplakia is an inflamed taste bud on side of tongue. The taste buds are essential for tasting food, there being between 2, 000 and 8, 000 taste buds. The ones at the tip detect sweetness; the ones in the back detect bitterness, the sides detect saltiness and the lateral area detects sourness. If the taste buds become inflamed, it can lead to complications such as described. Warm soaks and antibiotics if needed should be considered.