Is resting heart rate and sleeping heart rate the same?

Not exactly. Your heart rate tends to fall lower, than resting, when you are sleeping. You may also be prone to faster heart rates, during different stages of sleep or dreaming. It's not unusual for someones, otherwise healthy, heart to go slower when you are asleep.
Heart rate. Resting heart rate usually when you are sitting resting but sleep rate is usuallly slightly slower.

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I'm 37 and my resting heart rate after waking up from sleep is 56-60 on pulse ox. Is this normal? I'm not an athlete.

Yes. Some people can have normal lower resting heart rate. The problem is if you have symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, syncope along with these low heart rates. Additionally, some medications can also decrease you are heart rate such as beta blockers. If you asymptomatic then nothing to worry about.

Athletes often have a very low resting heart rate in the 35-50 range but is this while sleeping? And does it even go lower during sleep?

Endurance. It could but it is completely normal for athletes of endurance sports.
Yes and. ..yes. Everyone's HR slows during sleep, both because metabolic needs are less and also because of augmented vagal tone. Athletes HRs are slow during waking because they have better stroke volume than non-athletes and don't need the faster rate to maintain cardiac output. During sleep, like everyone else, they'll go even slower. Not to worry! Athletes don't slow down and die in their sleep! Honestly!

Not sleeping through night. Sleep about 4 hours, rest of night half awake. Resting heart rate 103. Thyroid?

Possibly. There are many conditions that can elevate resting heart rate and interfere with sleep, from benign to concerning. Please see your primary care provider to get evaluated to identify cause and treatment.
Could be. Hi. That could be thyroid, and it's very easy to check. Talk with your doctor. Good luck!

If your resting heart rate is 108 and you feel dizzy, should you lay down and sleep or go to urgent care?

Stay or go? It is not possible to give specific advice on an important question like that in this tiny space. In general, if one is otherwise healthy but has tachycardia and dizziness, it could indicate dehydration (or many other conditions.) If you want advice on your particular situation, consider a consultation with an MD here on HealthTap (or in an office or a clinic) so that we can go over the details.
DIZZY. Would like more info, but if not available, I would say based on your age and symptoms, and emergency department visit would be a reasonable decision.

What point should I be concerned abt low resting heart rate, considering normal echo/stress/Holter? Seen 49, measured 45 during sleep. 40/m no athlete

Heart rate. As long as your heart is structurally and functionally normal with a satisfactory holter Study and if you have no symptoms then you have nothing to worry about. It is also important that conditions such as thyroid disorder, Lyme disease etc. Be excluded. The detailed history and physical examination and possible blood tests should help to establish this.

8 year old has been sleeping on his back for over an hour his resting heart rate at wrist is 108. Hes on two different sedatives. Is his BPM a litle high?

The heart rate is. Borderline high for a child who is sleeping. Normal resting heart rate for an 8 yr old is 70-110 bpm. The more important question is why is he on two sedatives? That seems like a bad idea. Is this being managed by a doctor? If not, please consult one right away or stop giving the medications.
Normal. As you can see from the chart, 108 beats/min is in the normal range for an 8 year old. If the sedatives lowered the heart rate, the body may compensate to maintain normal.

Resting heart rate 115. 2 Martinis and 4 cigarettes in the past 5 hours probably the only reason? Drank about 4 glasses of water, anything else I can do to lower it? It's too uncomfortable to sleep with it beating so fast.

115. There's nothing harmful about 115 but if you're uncomfortable and resting doesn't slow it, you should go to an ER - you may not be in a normal rhythm. There's no herbal or natural remedy that will help.