Hi, my skin has aged prematurely from insomnia, and I was wondering what's the best way to bring back elasticity to my sagging skin without a facelift?

Skin Rejuvenation. Certainly obtaining adequate sleep and eating well, help our body overall. Sunscreen and retinA are the cornerstone of today's skin care program.Once the skin begins to age, chemical peels, laser treatments, dermapen and Thermi RF can help to restore collagen and support to the skin. Find a local specialist who can help guide you to the best options for you.
Insomnia is unlikey. to have been the major cause of loss of skin elasticity. Avoid sun, sunscreen, lots of fresh vegetables, stay hydrated, avoid smoking. Much loss at your age is unusual and if corroborated by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, asking biopsy might be in order.