I get debilitating visual migraines. They give me stroke like symptoms (numb limbs, numbness is face and tongue, impaired speech). Shakey hands. Bp is normal. Nurofen and panadol (acetaminophen) don't help.?

U need prophylaxis. I'm really sorry about your Migraines. Ibuprofen and Tylenol (acetaminophen) helpful to certain extent only - be careful not to overuse. You need to be evaluated by an expert. Consult a neurologist in your area. Depending on frequency you might benefit with prophylactic medications. You might be having Complex migraines and sure they can affect your functionality significantly.
Classical migraine. These migraines are a little more difficult to abort than common migraines, but why not try to prevent. Your mentioned meds will not help at all, but OTC preps could prevent, so try riboflavin, CoQ-10, magnesium, butterbur, feverfew. Would Concierge visit help?