I'm on a 1300 calories per day diet. I'm 5 feet 8 inches and weight 191 pounds. I stay at home and I don't do sports. Is the calorie intake too low?

Calories wrong issue. Rec. Study: http://goo.gl/i20nOZ, http://goo.gl/RPGWXs, http://goo.gl/Hxq58u, http://goo.gl/C7Ojc4, http://goo.gl/uDGIwD, http://goo.gl/9Zz6GD, http://goo.gl/ynq0BZ, http://goo.gl/Z8g5US, http://goo.gl/LG8tKl, http://nusi.org & many answers HealthTap. Bigger issue is the types of foods & results over time. Suggest tracking NMR Lipoproteins, HbA1c, BP, body weight & many other issues over time.