Clear dots on the edge of cornea accompanied by red blood vessels what is it?

Corneal dots/ vessea. Could be conjunctivitis. rarely could be herpetic, but with herpes there is pain, and blurred vision rarely cat scratch ( but a cat would have had to lick your eye) In any event seek medical attention today doc or urgent care.
Irritation . So could be allergic, foreign body, burn or any other form of irritation . I hope you are better soon and see a doctor to see cause if irritation so can treat appropriately.

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I have a little red dot right next to my cornea with blood vessels stretching out from it. Not many symptoms. Sometimes ichy. Was swollen, but briefly?

Pingueculum . An exam would be helpful. A visual is worth a thousand words. It could be a pingueculum, a phlectenule, vascular tumor(angioma), nevus, teratoma, dermoid, granuloma, papilloma, conjunctival neoplasm. Lots of possibilities an for reassurance, see an eye md for an exam. Read more...