2months ago I got stomatitis sore trough fever neck lymph node enlargement &parotitis. Lost appetite. Mono test neg. I'm recovered but I lost weight now.

Loss of weight. Symptoms such as; Lymph node enlargement, fever, and loss of weight are worrisome in a 71 year old person. You may be recovering from some inflammatory of infectious cause. however, I would highly recommend you, check your doctor for additional work up.

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2months ago my Son got stomatitis sore Trough fever neck lymphNode enlargement&Parotitis. Lost appetite. Mono test neg. He recovered but lost weight now.

Herpangina? This may be an infection with the coxsackie virus. It's miserable, affects the back of the throat with blisters / little ulcers, and is something one simply has to recover from. Vigorous physical exercise may be a big help right now. Best wishes. Read more...