Rapid/pounding heart rate, sweaty palms and feet, shaking, then freezing. I get these attacks sometimes...What the heck is wrong with me?

See a doctor. Your symptoms fit along with several different diagnoses, from heart rhythm problems to hormone imbalances to panic attacks and more. See your doctor for a thorough history and physical examination and to begin a directed work up to start. Call 911 if chest pain, passing out or if the symptoms get worse.

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Teenage girl: pounding heart/increased heart rate (for 2weeks) and unexplained nosebleed and easy bruising. Cause?

Bleeding & bruising . There are many things that might cause these symptoms; some are not a big deal but others are serious. When there is a tendency to bleeding and bruising, doctors will check the blood count including platelets, and clotting tests. Low red blood cells (anemia) may cause a rapid heart beat. A serious blood disorder could cause all of these. Get checked by a medical doctor as soon as possible. . Read more...