Fingered by friend through clothes (leggings and underwear).Vagina bled (a couple drops)afterwards. Hiv/sti risk if precum on his finger? Testing needed?

No. There's no real risk for HIV transmission in this setting. I'm glad you've got the attitude of being careful in situations like this. It's doing right both by yourself and by the other special people.

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Fingered by male friend through clothes (leggings + underwear).Vagina bled a couple drops. Hiv/sti risk if a couple drops precum on his finger? Testing?

Maybe get seen. The risk is negligible. I answered an almost-identical question yesterday. If you are very distressed about what happened, please do get with your personal physician for a checkup, perhaps some labs, and a good discussion. This might be a great time to talk about feelings -- life, and especially the romantic side -- is scary and confusing, and if you FEEL something's wrong, do get seen. Read more...