I have been waking up to diharrah and stomach cramps for almost 2 years because of "IBS", They have had me on bentyl and xanax (alprazolam) and neither has helped?

More info needed. More information is needed to determine the cause of your symptoms. You do not mention if you have had any tests, such as colonoscopy. Suggest starting with your family physician, who can help direct your care and refer you to a gastroenterologist.
Herb . 19y male w. IBS unresponsive to Bentyl (dicyclomine) might benefit from Cannabis sativa, not indica, taken orally as tea. If there is chronic low back pain following upon skate/snow board injuries, an Osteopath might be consulted to evaluate for pelvic girdle instability. I have studied several young male extreme sport enthusiasts who developed chronic low back pain & IBS; after mechanical falls onto buttocks. .