I had a displaced fifth toe fracture 3 days ago reduced with buddy taping. I cant hang my foot down, results in severe pain. How should I walk?

Not my buddy. Since you mention displaced fracture and buddy taping, it sounds like it has already been examined, x-rayed and splinted by a pro. If not, do it. When a bone breaks blood to the bone increases, increasing the pressure. When you hang it down, the pressure increases more. That increases pain. Elevate it. The taping may be slowing the blood out of toe increasing pain. Adjust it. Use fx shoe, crutch.
TOE FRACTURE. The healing from a foot/toe FRACTURE can be very painful. Follow up with orthopedic doctor and request an air cast. Also stronger pain meditation ie ultracet (tramdol and acetaminophen) or Percocet . If pain persists you may need MRI of the foot to define the anatomy and see if surgery is warranted .
Elevated . Seriously, you are going to have pain for awhile as long as your foot is dependent. Keep it elevated as much as possible. Consider icing after an orthopedic evaluation to see if it is really properly reduced.