If you have a low viral load for hep c can that number increase over time? Do you need to take the same precautions as someone with a higher load?

If you have... ...detectable hepatitis C virus, regardless if the viral load is 100 IU/ml or 25 million IU/ml, you have active infection and are infectious. Please, PLEASE respect others and take appropriate precautions to avoid transmission. Also, get treated--there are amazingly good, all oral, options available today with phenomenal cure rates after only a few weeks of therapy.

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What precautions would someone with hep c need to take. Are the precautions the same for those with a low viral load and those with a high viral load?

Same precautions. Hep C is transmitted by blood contamination only usually through needle sticks. There is some risk with shared toothbrushes where blood contamination can occur. Intranasal cocaine use amongst infected persons can also transmit. Sexual transmission is rare but can occur. This would be the only situation where high viral load may play a role. Get treated and get rid of the Hep C. Read more...