Obsessive thoughts. Mood swings throughout the day. Extreme anxiety depression. Obsessive actions. What is this?

In addition to the. medical advice already given,please see a mental health professional for evaluation for possible Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,especially if you are trying to ward off impending danger that you may not even be able to identify. Peace and good health.
Obsessive thoughts. May be thyroid, check TSH, T4, meds, rmay be if your drinking energy drinks, too much coffee, may be bipolar illness rarely autoimmune disease causes personality changes , sarcoid or brain lesions, f/u with internist /psychiatrist.
See MD ASAP . Appears that you are having significant problems with your moods and can be frightening. You need to seek help as soon as possible and find out what exactly is going on. If you are having suicidal thoughts you should call your local crisis line or go to the emergency room for help . Mood disorders can be effectively treated.